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Apostille is the equivalent of an international notarial seal. Any document which bears an Apostille is legally valid for use in all countries party to the Hague Convention of 1961 on the legalization of documents.Apostille is always done on the back side of original documents.

Apostille Procedure consists of 3 steps:

1) Notary Public
2) State Home Department or SDM Delhi
3) Minstry of External affairs

Please note that Apostilling is only possible in the country where documents have been issued. This means that if, for example, you graduate from a higher educational institution in Germany, you should endorse your diploma with an Apostille before returning to the Russian Federation, otherwise it will not be valid outside Germany.
The Indian Embassy in U.S. cannot place an Apostille on documents issued or notarized in the India. Various US officials sometimes erroneously advise people to go to the American Embassy to get an official Embassy “stamp” on documents for use in United States. The Embassy is not empowered under U.S., Indian, or international law to perform this function. Therefore, the Embassy cannot legally accommodate such requests. To legalize Indian documents for use in US, you should follow the instructions given above for obtaining an Apostille.
Apostille is needed in order to grant your official document (such as Diploma of Education), given to you on the territory of India, same legal force on the territory of United States, and vice versa. Without Apostille your document (for example your diploma) might appear just as a piece of paper. For instance, in USA people do not know how the Indian Diploma looks like. For such cases you need Apostille, presence of which in the document certifies that this document exists and is official, and the people who signed it also exist and are authorized to do so.
There is a wide range of Indian documents that can be Apostilled to be used in USA, from Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates or Decrees, Death Certificates, High School Diplomas, University Degrees, transcripts, medical certificates for visa, and Power of Attorney to Corporate documents.
The Apostille is normally issued by the Foreign Office or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depending on the country. The amount of time it will take for your document to be processed depends upon how straightforward it is for the authorities in your country to check its authenticity. In India, Delhi Apostille Services is among the Top ranked services providers for Apostille